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Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Obituaries, Census' and more.

Included here are some Census' documenting some of my ancestors. The Census documents are large files at high resolution to make them easier to read, so they may take a little more time to load. The data in these documents was recorded by hand, and due to that human factor and the fact that some are just poor copies, you may have difficulty reading some of them. I've included here links to blank census forms and a Draft Registration card so that you can read the column and row headers for the data entered. These blank Census and Draft Registration documents are in Adobe Acrobat Reader ".pdf" format and require Acrobat Reader to open them. If you do not have Reader, go to to download and install it for free.

Blank Forms

The United States was the first country to call for a regularly held census. The Constitution required that a census of all "Persons...excluding Indians not taxed" be performed to determine the collection of taxes and the appropriation of seats in the House of Representatives. The first nine censuses from 1790 to 1870 were organized under the United States Federal Court system. Each district was assigned a U.S. marshal who hired other marshals to administer the census. Governors were responsible for enumeration in territories. By the 1900 Census, there were a total of forty-five states in the Union, with Utah being the latest addition and Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Oklahoma enumerated as territories. The 1930 Census was the last census released to the public.


Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Richardson.

"Polly" was my Grandma Andrews. We Grandchildren had nothing but fond memories of Grandma. I know that I had never heard an unkind word from her. She was always kind, gentle and caring. We always looked forward to our Sunday visit to her house. She always had treats for us kids. Holidays were extra special at Grandmas. We knew that homemade cocanut pies and chocolate cakes awaited us there.
After her death, we discovered some talents she possessed that had been mostly hidden from us. Grandma was a poet and an artist. Pages and pages of poems were found that she had written, as well as several pieces of colored pencil and pen and ink artwork created by her hands. Grandma's kindness and gentleness was a wonderful legacy in itself, but the poetry and art that she left behind will carry that kindness and gentleness down to future generations that will never be blessed with knowing her personally. Her artwork and poetry exhibit a clear picture of who Polly was, and why she inhabits a special place in Heaven.

I have made available to visitors here copies of the artwork that I have been priveleged to. There are 2 pages of artwork. I have placed the colored pencil on one, and the pen and ink on the other.
As I have time, I will also be placing her poetry here for your enjoyment.

 Polly's colored art can be seen on Page 1. The pen and ink art can be seen on page 2.

Census Documents

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